A new name for Cumbria Rural Choirs

From May 2022 we are Cumbria Singers

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no Cumbria Rural Choirs concert took place during 2021. The Trustees used the forced break from our normal activities to re-orientate the organisation, with our new name, Cumbria Singers, from late May 2022, and a first major concert planned for April 2023.

The final concert under the Cumbria Rural Choirs’ name took place in March 2022.

Choir performance

The organisation

Cumbria Singers welcomes singers of all ages and levels of experience from across Cumbria and beyond. Our ambition is to perform an annual concert where the programme primarily consists of large-scale choral works, accompanied by professional musicians. This will provide participants with the opportunity to enjoy an experience which smaller choirs, with greater financial constraints and smaller numbers, are unlikely to be able to offer. Where circumstances allow, the annual concert will be performed in a high-profile venue in Cumbria with the capacity to accommodate a large choir, orchestra and accompanying singers.


The choir will be led, through a combination of face-to-face rehearsals and e-based tuition (available on-line for practising between rehearsals), by a highly-experienced professional Music Director of national or international renown appointed for the year.

We are pleased to announce that Cumbria Singers’ first Music Director and Conductor for the season September 2022 to May 2023 is to be Andrew Padmore. The concert - a performance of Haydn’s Creation - is planned to take place in Carlisle Cathedral on Saturday, 29th April, 2023.

Most rehearsals will take place on Saturdays as full-day workshops, divided into morning and afternoon sessions. At least four of these will take place between September to April/May. Occasionally, evening rehearsals may be necessary, but these will usually only take place just before the concert.

The first of our rehearsals for the 2023 concert will be on Saturday, 24th September, 2022, at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith. Read more about the concert in our invitation leaflet. You can also get the full rehearsal schedule on our Resources Page.

Radio Cumbria

On Sunday, 19th June this year Radio Cumbria broadcast a short interview with our chair, Margaret Riches, and Andrew Padmore. The programme is available, for approximately a month from the date of broadcast, on BBC Sounds, with the interview running between 1:10:07 and 1:30:54 within the programme.

Wider still and wider…

Cumbria Singers will strengthen the links which already exist and increase its communication networks with other choirs, arts venues and cultural groups across the region. This will enable Cumbria Singers to regularly ‘signpost’ its members to other musical events taking place across Cumbria, recruit members and publicise its activities.

As opportunities arise, Cumbria Singers will work collaboratively with other organisations to enable its members to have opportunities to participate in innovative community-based projects co-ordinated by Cumbria Singers or other cultural groups.