Saturday, 23rd September 2023

The choir came together again for the first rehearsal of the season on Saturday, 23rd September.

David Shingler, our accompanist for the season, was welcomed, along with other new members of the choir. Andrew led the rehearsal with his usual inspirational good humour and enthusiasm. As the day progressed, the choir gained more confidence and began to sing sections of the Music Makers with more conviction and suitable dynamics.

During the Summer, Andrew had received the news that he was to be awarded the British Empire Medal for his services to Music. As the big day had not yet happened, Cumbria Singers decided to ‘up-stage the Palace’ by creating their own version of the medal, which was presented to Andrew at the end of the rehearsal. This was accompanied by a resounding ‘three cheers’ for our celebrated and now greatly-honoured conductor!

Andrew proudly wearing the Cumbria Singers BEM
Andrew proudly wearing the Cumbria Singers BEM. Photograph courtesy of David Wheeler

Update, November 2023

…and this is the real thing!

…and this is the real thing!
Andrew with his British Empire Medal, for real! Photograph courtesy of Andrew Padmore